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Snoozy Trump Wakes Up as Prosecutor Calls Him a Liar


Posted 6:54 pm, 04/23/2024

Oh? when was that Tribbie? We do have an election in November you know


Posted 1:46 pm, 04/23/2024

f*xxy, you must have been under your rock when it happened. Sleepy Joe debated Dozey Donnie and creamed him, except in the eyes of the MAGATS. All Trump could do was try to shout Biden down. In fact, Biden at one point told him to shut up like he was addressing a spoiled child well, I guess that was appropriate.


Posted 12:36 pm, 04/23/2024

The case is so bad and getting so many articles witting by law professors about just how bad it is, leaves the mushy brains with nothing but Trump's dozing to complain about.

Pay attention mushies. Look who biden's crooks sent in to make the opening statement.

You are going to hear that name a lot.



Posted 12:24 pm, 04/23/2024

But, I would be willing to bet you will never see Sleepy Joe Biden debate him


Posted 12:04 pm, 04/23/2024

And to think they have the nerve to call Biden "Sleepy Joe" when they should be calling Bone Spurs "Don Snoreleone"

the dog's butler

Posted 6:13 pm, 04/22/2024


Posted 4:54 pm, 04/22/2024

Lol. Some would be squawking that he is unfit for office since the old guy can't stay awake.

Seen it before, but they deafly silent here. Must not have been asked to whine about it.


Posted 2:04 pm, 04/22/2024

Trump falls asleep yet again today.

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