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Democrats are determined to destroy Democracy
So now they use a few people at the top to nominate the ONLY candidate offered to their constituency . Sounds a lot UN Democratic to me

Me or America?
Sleepy Joe finally overcame his pride and listened to his family and advisors and withdrew his candidacy. Only two other presidents have ...

Trump's VP pick loves Donnie
He thinks he is wonderful based on his statements https://i.imgur.com/rat99h3.png

Better get them out NOW!
The leaders of government indoctrination centers (better known as Public Schools) These folks are unhinged, mentally unstable and cannot ...

Kamala's husband is Jewish.
Kamala Harris to skip Netanyahu's address to Congress, while top Dem senator boycotts altogether

Why Harris will never win
Has nothing to do with who she slept with or her cackling and annoying laughter. These are some of her issues: She created a bail fund ...

Congress is grilling the SS Director.
FIRE THE DIRECTOR. https://www.youtube.com/liv...qDaNj xHEk

Law change
Democrats are changing the statute of limitations so they can prosecute Sean Combs.

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in North Carolina, where inflation and national security are the leading issues f...

Figure of fun.
Cackles, Kamaltoe what a joke can you imagine her as president? Then all of a sudden Sleepy Joe's out of the running, and it looks like o...

Biden Browns His pants
Biden Could NOT handle the PRESSURE

Resentment Growing Between Biden Team and Obama People, Biden Feels Betrayed
Hey Joe... nobody wants a president that regularly messes his pants. Not even dimocrats! https://www.thegatewaypundi...iden team

How was Joe Biden able to screw up America so badly?
HE HAD HELP! https://meme generator.com/...9179 1.jpg

Kamala Harris — failed border czar to presidential nominee?
The border crisis , on par with inflation , is perhaps the worst domestic failure of the Biden Harris administration. It is the result of...

The President has not been Seen since the Letter was sent out In His Name.
If he is able, he should make an appearance soon to dispel rumors of his incapacity.

Mayhem in the MAGATRY.
Trump can beat Kamala easily, so long as Mike Johnson can find a "legal" way to stop her candidacy.

Archie Bunker on Democrats
https://www.youtube.com/wat...2w kNI29k0

Unlike some , you just cant make it up
Donald Trump has donated to Kamala Harris twice : NPR

I need to vote again .
The Democratic nominee to replace Biden will be decided during the Democratic National Convention, which takes place in Chicago from Augu...

Is Trump Young to Republicans?
The man is 78 years old. Seventy Eight years old. My God he needs to be in a nursing home not the White House.


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